Japanese Kitchen Knives

Made to perfection with rich in history and tradition, Japanese knives are widely known for their precision and well build quality. So what makes Japanese knives different than your everyday kitchen knives? Why Michelin star chef prefers a Japanese knife over a traditional European knife? 

What Makes Japanese Kitchen Knives so special?
If you are in the market for good balanced, sharp, and unique kitchen knives, opting for Japanese knives is our recommendation for you. The main difference between Japanese knives than French or German counterparts is the quality of steel used, the degree of sharpness, and craftsmanship. 
High-Quality Steel: V Gold 10 Damascus Steel

Japanese blacksmiths prefer high-quality VG-10 Carbon Stainless steel over the standard stainless steel material. It's because the VG-10 blade carries properties that allow the blade to survive generations after generations. and moreover, the VG-10 blade can adapt to the environment and will patina over time. 


When it comes to craftsmanship and build quality of kitchen knives, there is no other country that specializes in a technique that is rich in history and tradition other than Japan. Japanese knives are famous for their unique & beautiful blade pattern, lightweight, and sharpness. Japanese artisans can spend up to 3 years mastering hammering and a lifetime learning knife sharpening. Because in the end, the knife's sharpness is what gives the final value. 

There is a reason why Michelline star chef around the world choose Japanese knives as their main cutting instrument, its because the level of craftsmanship, intricate details, and precision required of them can only be fulfilled by an extremely precise knife and lifetime quality material. And that, can only be found in a Japanese kitchen knife