A letter from us to you

Thank you for visiting Engeika. It's me, Taizo Okagaki.
I wrote this letter today to share with you some big news.
It is about our Engeika shop and our brand Wancher.

Back in 1984, I founded Engeika to deliver the best writing instruments to the world. Thanks to Engeika, I had a chance to meet you, serve you and we became friends, I believe so.
From me and all the staffs, thank you so much for your support and friendship over the years.

You also may know that many years ago, I created my own brand named Wancher with the mission to create amazing writing instruments and watches. Many of Wancher products were featured on Engeika shop and received huge support from you and other pen pals over the world.
The history of Wancher brand will always remember that time.

Now, I realized it's time for me and my company to make a big step forward.
In order to create even more amazing products, I decided to put Engeika on break to focus 100% on our brand Wancher.
Our homepage is: www.wancherpen.com

I will always cherish our time, our exchanged emails about pens or shipments with Engeika.
From today, I would like to create history together with you. I would like to bring to you the best quality of writing instruments and watches. And I hope to receive your continuous support and honest advice.

About your orders in the past at Engeika as well as news and updates in the future, please feel free to email us at info@engeika.com or info@wancher.com.

Friendship Forever!

Taizo Okagaki
Founder of Wancher Inc. and Engeika

Click to see our Wancher brand