Goto Handmade

So what is so special about Goto handmade knives? More than just everyday-carry tools, Goto knives are pieces of art that were hand-crafted one by one from the blades to handles and cases. Below are breakdown of some special features of Goto knives
V Gold 10 Damascus Steel
Goto knives's blades are hand-crafted from V Gold 10 or known as VG-10 - a high-quality cutlery stainless steel made in Japan. This is usually used to make chef knives which is required to be extremely sharp.
Natural Wood Handle
Each Goto knife or fork comes with a natural wood handle which is crafted one by one from rare and highly durable wood. These handles are made to be super strong and resistant to water so that you can use under any weather conditions.
Genuine Leather Case & Sharkskin Lanyard
The case are made from genuine leather while the lanyard is made from sharkskin. These are also handmade and designed to match the vintage look of the knife. The lifetime quality of leather guarantees a perfect protection and convenience throughout everyday carry.